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MEEC Group Is Helping to Provide a Cheaper and Cleaner Energy for Today and Tomorrow

Engineering and Consulting Services

MEEC Group through its parthership with Israeli company  Lademco Ltd. is  focusing on rendering the innovative, high quality engineering and consulting services in the field of energy supply for many domestic and foreign industrial, commercial and municipal companies and organizations.

The mentioned activity has been started in 1995 through combining the efforts of the leading Israeli specialists, having to date a collaborative experience exceeding 70 man-years in the field of the advanced power generation processes, environmental protection technologies, renewable energy conversion, as well as in feasibility study, basic design and construction of modern Polygeneration Systems: Combined Cycle (CC) Power, Cogeneration or Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and Trigeneration or Combined Cooling, Heating and Power (CCHP) Plants (Read more in An Efficient Alternative and Prime Movers For Polygeneration Plants). Within the span of twenty years, the specialists of MEEC Group have been involved into different engineering and design stages of the numerous energy supply systems with total power output in excess of 3,300 MWe. In a given time, consulting services have been rendered to many Independent Power Producers (IPP), utilities, private research companies and governmental organizations.

Presently the MEEC Group is one of the leaders in the modern energy technologies applications and power plant engineering, distinguished by a wide diversification of the services rendered and high quality of the orders filled. Below are some examples of the Group's expertise and experience:

Modern technologies being used in the MEEC Group's projects:

  • Simple cycle (SC) gas turbine (GT)-based power plants (PP)  with combustion air chilling
  • SC GT-based PP with combustion air intercooling
  • GT-based combined cycle (CC) PP with 1-3 steam pressure levels and reheat
  • GT-based combined heat and power (CHP) plants with back-pressure or condensing/extraction steam turbines
  • GT- based CHP plants with thermal oil as intermediate heat carrier
  • GT- based CHP plants with supplementary firing (SF) systems
  • SC gas engine (GE)-based PP with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system
  • GE-based CHP plants with SF and SCR systems
  • Diesel oil (DO) / Heavy fuel oil (HFO)-fired diesel engine (DE) CHP plants with SF and SCR systems
  • Multi-pollutant control systems for coal, HFO and biomass - fired power and CHP plants
  • Cooling systems for GT / GE / DE - based PP and CHP plants
  • Concentrating solar thermal power (CSTP) plants with central tower receiver, heliostats field and thermal storage
  • CSTP plants with the line-focus trough concentrators and direct generation of superheated steam at the enhanced parameters inside of focal linear conduit
  • CSTP plants with the line-focus trough concentrators and thermal oil as intermediate heat carrier
  • Solar PV power plants
  • Pressurized fluidized bed combustion (PFBC) PP
  • Compressed air energy storage (CAES) PP
  • CO2 capture from exhaust of the GT-based CC PP

Scope of engineering services offered by the MEEC Group:

  • Energy surveys of the industrial and commercial facilities and municipal and district energy supply systems
  • Development of the pre-proposal for construction of the new and modernization of the existing energy supply systems
  • Feasibility studies of the energy supply systems
  • Conceptual and basic design of the energy supply systems
  • Supervision of the detailed design, construction and commissioning of energy supply systems
  • Development of the tender documentation (request for proposals and services, technical specifications, data sheets, and so forth)
  • Bid evaluation and recommendations development
  • Project management
  • Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Joint Implementation (JI) projects
  • Life Cycle Energy and Emissions Analyses for the conventional and renewable energy (wind, solar PV, solar thermal, biomass) alternatives

Scope of consulting / expertise services offered by the MEEC Group:

  • General problems and possibilities in energy management within the industrial and commercial facilities
  • The link between the energy management and cleaner production
  • The role of energy in relation to financial viability and environmental effects
  • The reduction of emissions caused by the industrial processes
  • The availability and acquisition of energy, and the modes of energy supply
  • Energy and environment saving technologies
  • The potential of waste materials for energy production
  • The elements of an energy management system
  • Preparation and execution of the energy audits
  • The possibilities of renewable energy in energy production
  • International energy policy in relation to climate change 
  • The influence of policy on energy and cleaner production 
  • Expert evaluation of the R&D projects and new technologies