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MEEC Group - NEWPOLYGEN: We are Next to You to Help

Mission Statement

Hands MEEC Group - NEWPOLYGEN’s mission is to be the premier provider of cost effective and environmentally friendly technologies and valuable, market driven and innovative solutions for energy suppliers and their industrial, commercial and residential customers.

MEEC Group - NEWPOLYGEN are accomplishing this mission through rendering the high quality consulting, and engineering services, yielding a real reduction in first and operating energy costs concurrently with a drastic decrease in environmental externalities of the customer’s energy supply systems.

A close interplay with our customers provides a fresh MEEC Group - NEWPOLYGEN’s look at customer's current and future demands for the nonstandard and innovative technical solutions. To satisfy these customer’s demands, MEEC Group - NEWPOLYGEN combine its activity in consultancy and engineering with intensive research and technological developments (RTD) in some specific fields, like advanced polygeneration technologies, novel emissions control systems, ingenious use of renewable energy, as well as energy saving and storage.

Both the engineering services rendered by us and our RTD activity are focused on end-users, therefore MEEC Group - NEWPOLYGEN set out to be the most valued and reliable business partner for all its customers. In addition, our immediate targets include to become an engineering company, providing energy efficiency or load reduction services to customers and guaranting the saving of energy and money from the project implementation.

Together Towards a Cheaper and Cleaner Energy