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We Help to Provide a Cheaper and Cleaner Energy for Today and Tomorrow

Mediterranean Energy and Ecology Center (MEEC) and its research arm NEWPOLYGEN Group provide the high-performance, market-driven project solutions to help power, heat, cold, fuel and chemicals producers and end-users in fast investments recoupment and meeting today's tougher environmental regulations, while actively working to develop the advanced and alternative polygeneration technologies of tomorrow.

MEEC Group and NEWPOLYGEN provide engineering and consulting services for industrial and commercial companies, international and governmental agencies, municipalities, utilities, and independent power, heat and cold producers through conducting energy surveys, feasibility studies, conceptual and basic design, and optimization of new and modernized energy supply systems, as well as through expert evaluation of the new polygeneration technologies and projects.

MEEC Group and NEWPOLYGEN are involved actively into research, development and promotion of the advanced industrial polygeneration (mainly, reciprocating engine and gas turbine-based cogeneration and trigeneration) technologies and integration between the alternative and conventional technologies, providing a drastic decrease in consumption of fossil fuels and reduction in emission of the harmful pollutants. The unique energy conversion technologies being developed by MEEC scientists combine most efficiently a solar thermal - assisted peak power generation, storage of excessive energy from the renewable sources or fossil fuel-fired power plants and transforning the natural or biogas into liquid energy carriers.

MEEC Group and  NEWPOLYGEN  together with their partner Pipko & Co. Ltd were playing an innovatory role in development of the new, versatile multi-pollutant control technologies and low-cost sorbents for highly efficient capture of SO2, NOx, Hg and CO2 emissions and drastic reducing an adverse environmental impact of the fossil fuel-fired power and cogeneration plants.

The partners have also developed a number of the unique proprietary technologies for rational use of renewable energy through, for example, hydrolysis of forestry and agriculture residues with production of bioethanol, organic-mineral fertilizer or supplements to animal feed, as well as for energy saving via low-temperature natural and industrial waste heat – to – power conversion. Presently the mentioned innovative technology developed in partnership with the Pipko & Co. Ltd are promoting and commercializing by this company.